NUS Museum Exhibitions

Crater Studios

Till July 2017
NX3, NUS Museum

Free Admission.

Crater Studios is a prep-room programme of Zurich-based artist collective U5. The premise of their studio work in NX3 is to create portraits of 17 Javanese volcanoes out of the materials gathered in the broader ETH-Zurich Future Cities Laboratory Singapore research project “Tourism and Cultural Heritage: A Case Study on the Explorer Franz Junghuhn”. Following Junghuhn’s footsteps, these 17 volcanoes form territorial markers that interweave historical and contemporary narratives of Indonesia. U5 works in various media with an agenda to challenge traditional notions of individual authorship. The work originates from a fascination with material— forming model-like structures by combining found and assembled objects; constructing exuberant architectural installations that oscillate between natural and artificial; overlaying these with constantly evolving video works, live-stream images, sound and performance — that together produce a dynamic, layered experience.

[Image: Still from U5's film, Dynamic Normal Activity. Image courtesy of artist.]