NUS Museum Exhibitions

Preserve/Conserve/Restore: Studies at 157 Neil Road

NUS Baba House, 157 Neil Road

Free Admission

Preserve/Conserve/Restore: Studies at 157 Neil Road is an initiative which seeks to tap the under explored potential of 157 Neil Road as an asset for engaging with the disciplines of urban development and technical conservation of built heritage. 

Three studies are presented to kick start the project – Archaeology, Architectural Paint Analysis and Land Development. The project is envisaged to span a period of three years, during which students, researchers and industry professionals are invited to propose ways of engaging with 157. In Preserve/Conserve/Restore, the gallery is repurposed as a laboratory in which a few studies run simultaneously. Materials presented may include field notes, test results, illustrations, images and artefacts. It is a workspace in a constant state of flux as materials are added or modified as fresh data is revealed from each investigation.